Belgian Girl 28/01 12:22

Will try that next time :)

LM 27/01 12:39

Hi! I have same issue with server sometimes, if I am at web page at the same time and get into game try to connect to tk server 1 and 2 its not working and i need to unplug and plug my ethernet cabel on pc :)

Belgian Girl 26/01 20:38

02 server is not working for me, all i hear is "beep beep beep" when i try to open the server

Matt/Ger 26/01 19:22

Howdy DocSmiley

Scotty 26/01 18:43

Scotty Smiley

Plissken 26/01 18:41


LM 26/01 17:15

Yo Doc!

Doc 26/01 11:34

Hello everyone :)

VCG_freddy 21/01 09:27

no google translate? vesele vanoce @$p0x! :D

$p0x! 20/01 23:56

Freddy my english is not good :D but Plissken know what i mean :)

Urio 19/01 18:00

Good job Plissken, thanks a lot!

Plissken 19/01 15:21

server back after internet connection issues Smiley

Matt/Ger 17/01 18:39

Smiley SmileySmiley

Plissken 17/01 17:17

thx mate <3 each time im busy at work for monthes im always back to vc game, it never leaves me, passion like u said or addiction xD, i know it's the same for many other players Smiley

VCG_freddy 17/01 17:04

@$p0x! u just said Plissken is working? :D making this servers/website is not just work - it's a passion, a lifetime work, a desire - well, doing for this game is not just work :D

Ivanooo 16/01 22:09

Gracias amigo Gallu!! Smiley

Plissken 16/01 18:47


Gallu 16/01 17:11

Complimenti POTW Ivanooo!!!

Ivanooo 16/01 09:57

Thank you Plissken too! Smiley

Ivanooo 16/01 09:47

Thank you LM!! See you on the maps! Smiley

$p0x! 15/01 21:38

thanks Plissken its work Smiley

Plissken 15/01 21:15

ye im on it, i restarted the srv maybe it will help

LM 15/01 21:15


$p0x! 15/01 19:31

thanks mate, I tried that, but still nothingSmiley

LM 15/01 18:07

Try to rr router spox :)

Plissken 15/01 17:25

well done Smiley

LM 15/01 16:30

Congratz Ivanooo on first POW! Great play mateSmiley

$p0x! 15/01 13:56

Smiley Hi i have problem to connect on server 2 i cant join in game but with server 1 no problem its normal work Smiley

Urio 13/01 22:29

thanks fox!

LM 13/01 20:13

Nice trick Fox! :D