Scotty 19/04 00:02

Tops To Nguyen, we got VC in the Wire, Fire At Will

NguyenGiap 18/04 14:37

There can be only be one Nguyen Giap, and i heard he is giving the name a bad rep lol

NguyenGiap 18/04 14:35

There can only be one Nguyen Giap...

Remington*Man 17/04 19:17

ok, done, thx a lot Smiley

Plissken 16/04 22:09

execute this as admin

Remington*Man 16/04 19:41

hello guys you see the list of servers from game?

LM 14/04 17:34

Or you can use print screen and and save picture in paint as well if F2 does not work for you

LM 14/04 17:33

I think by default F2 makes screenshot of vietcong and saves to captures or something like that folder. And to upload it must be jpg or png (one of those) at the captures tab in the left corner of the site

Jackson_PL 14/04 10:57

Hi guys, how to take screenshot in game and how upload it on site? :P

Plissken 13/04 00:04

really nice capture Smiley

GaNjA '|'iGe|2 11/04 01:11

CONGRATS - $p0x! and - =GONZO=
to General of the Army Promotion!


TERMINATOR (IT) 10/04 14:22

Oh yes the warrioR., the Monsoon mission is not suitable for scripts that identify the map concluded with the formula deadEnemy=totalEnemy. It is based on the conquest of the areas under the VC flag and they must be kept occupied by the Americans. Use infinite respawn until conditions are all bases occupied and no enemies alive. I did some testing and some vcs are reborn 10 times. Smiley

H20uchP.level{MAKAK} 10/04 13:41

Fox and Warrior: it is my first first perfect thank You all for good gameSmiley
Capture from this game here:
BTW Who is creator of this map?

Viet Minh King Congh 10/04 13:37

Did i do something wrong? Most of my shouts never make it through. Anyone else has the problem? Using firefox.

the warrioR. 10/04 13:09

Monsoon dope map, but sth is wrong with it's script. We'd finished the map, but I saw at least 5 more gooks running alive after killing 48/48 vcs. You have to kill 48 out of 50+ gooks and It kills the vibe of searching and killing that final boss.

Fox 10/04 01:12

First perfect! Smiley

Mira3 09/04 23:36

basically i live orthodox monk lifestyle so i dont get people who mind specific actions as unorthodox thrown at me, in the meantime i try to prevent myself from people who mind orthodox monk lifestyle as unorthodox. Everyone does something.. thats what im trynna to say

Mira3 09/04 22:51

so here i show shi*show from dirty work that is VC imaginary, try to imagine shi*show from dirty work actually done = some people have to be as orthodox as it gets, no benefit exists on the dirty side for them

Mira3 09/04 22:37

Dunno, got mi own amount of dirty job at the angry VC map in captures, like the crocus mall day i got busy as it got since the enemy was throwing up excessivelly and changing stomach content with pill medications from various contries + spraying various parfums on itself. In the end it got its mobilization reason through story about them getting genius idea of escaping through UA border which is also warzone border so obviously the best. safest way to get out and enough reason to incriminate UA. I mean Special forces

H20uchP.level{MAKAK} 09/04 21:39

Vo Nguyen Giap: Maybe it was accidentally. So if I am wrong I apologize to You ;) Sorry but I was angry today after playing with You.