Victor Myson. 28/09 01:44

Scotty, that's some good blues...

"love's like smooth Sailing Baby,From year old for you and me
Staying off the backroad baby, Honey you know we've been there 'round before

Smooth smooth Sailing."

Lucky Peterson

Scotty 25/09 18:31

sailing down the main road
as easy as can be

sailing down the main road
as easy as can be

Look like smooth sailing baby
from here on fore you and me

H20uchP.level{MAKAK} 25/09 18:21

Many thanks for unblocked server02 now I can play here.
But I need help plsSmiley I see server01 as locked. Smiley

H20uchP.level{MAKAK} 24/09 23:58

Dear Plissken, please I was autikicked for teamkill from server 02, but it was accident, please could You remove me from banlist? Thank You very much Smiley

LM 24/09 18:21

Yoooooooo Tora! Hope you are good man... :). Didnt see you in a while and Im glad you are coming back! See ya on the battlegrounds mate!Smiley

Scotty 24/09 06:26

Mission report on Vet_COMOCLAI
after the Chopper ride in
We all jumped out in to the water
and there was fog everywhere

the Men were bitching about getting their
boots wet

So i said alright you GreenHorns
lets go, disaplin's getting lax around here

come to Attation, thay all said
Sir yes Sir !

some of the Men were smoking a Jay
and i said put that shit out, we got
some Slant-eyes to kill

i gave my orders to clr the left 1st
and the rest hold till we do so

after left side was clr
we all as a team started to move up
into a hell of a fire fight

i schreemed FAW
and we clr-ed the 1st area

we took some Hits but
we called a dustoff in and them guys
are going home, lucky basterds

so we continued into another
hell of a fire fight

we dam near lost the hole team
But we showed them Rice eaters,
we took them all out !
Mission Win,,, Great Job Men

H20uchP.level{MAKAK} 24/09 02:06

Hooj *Torakiki* we need Your help mate SmileySmiley

Scotty 23/09 20:14

yeah its here now on
vietcong 4 ever

*Torakiki* 23/09 17:56

hi pussies, I hope you're all well, I know the gooks are kicking your ass, but don't worry, kiki will be back soonSmiley Smiley

VCG_freddy 22/09 16:48

scotty we need a website with tutorials from you Smiley

Kan*geruh 22/09 13:47

*We can Not All Jam Up against the {ENG} to Get Ammo,*

Pistol or Knive...
Knive infinite ammunition SmileySmiley 21/09 19:18

hi please restart the tk 2 serverSmileySmiley

Kan*geruh 21/09 16:42

Huhu Plissi,
Please Restart Server 02 ( Connections-Timeout )

Scotty 20/09 19:40

i see the need for a repete
Scotty lesson

Scotty 20/09 19:40

More Scotty Lessons
We Must Understand how to Recieve Ammo From the {ENG}
We can Not All Jam Up against the {ENG} to Get Ammo,

[ One At a Time, to the ENG to get Ammo, ]

if you all Jam up to the {ENG}
Ammo will go right though you to the next Soldier

Also if you are close to a Dead VC
and you try to get Ammo From the {ENG}
Ammo will go though you to the dead VC
You will Not! Get Any Ammo

jimmi 20/09 05:56

[MCF]Thuet_Ban 48 kills. Fu. Face in the bushes ended me. Same shait as always! Me efforts are not listed?

Scotty 14/09 22:50

dam i got stuck on the rock then vc shoots me damit

Scotty 14/09 15:23

just think Pliss thx to You for providing all this fun, we and i have in vc1

Scotty 14/09 15:09

thx Pliss mate

Plissken 14/09 10:49

xD congratz scotty, special player, legend of vc

Scotty 14/09 07:18

Scott’s awards include the Legion of Merit,
the Bronze Star Medal,
the Air Force Commendation Medal,
and the NATO Service Medal.

Scotty 14/09 07:18

and just for fun and happyness

Scotty 14/09 07:17

Today’s change of command ceremony comes a day after
Scotty’s promotion to brigadier general.

He becomes the 29th commander
of 78th Troop Command, headquartered Vietcong 1

Leadership is a Chose
not a Rank

To all my friends and Cpommanders

Thank you for
letting me Serve you, [Hoowha]

Victor Myson. 12/09 01:33

Thanks Scotty, That is an important aspect for team survival. And cover medic as he/she mends your wounds., many inexperienced players do not know how important this is....

thanks Scotty


Scotty 11/09 23:37

More Scotty Lessons
If you keep doing

the same Rambo thing

and you Expect a different resual

thats insanity

Scotty 10/09 17:15

More Scotty Lessons
On this Lesson,
You will learn how to
Cover the {ENG} or the Ammo giver

As you are getting Ammo From the {ENG}

Don't just sit there

you should be covering your posistion
so the ENG can give you ammo

don't just relax
as you get Ammo From the {ENG}

you must protect the {ENG}
360 cover is needed

LM 09/09 02:13

Thank you scotty hihiSmiley

Scotty 08/09 22:45

WoW LM all your missions are really cool i love them, the 1 with the boat is cool

Scotty 08/09 22:11

Hi floxicxeeq

Martyr 05/09 22:37

@Dante - have you read the name of this site? Smiley