Thank u, Come Again! 27/09 21:05

Little General, Big Joey !
Smiley Smiley Smiley

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 27/09 21:00

We was faster by LM_A218 map :)

Luda 26/09 23:03

General Joey :D Welcome 2 the club mate :D

Luda 26/09 22:59

congratz Tuca ! Smiley

Joey 26/09 17:39

Gefeliciteerd! SmileySmileySmileySmileySmiley

Fox 26/09 15:47

Congratulations to new POTW! Tuca!!!


Doc 26/09 12:11

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!

Plissken 24/09 16:54

ye u can select the path during execution

Thank u, Come Again! 24/09 15:27

@ Rukhnul: welcome to the game
If you download a map & execute it, it's placed in c/program files (x86). You probably have the game in c/program files (without the 86). So: you placed the map-files in wrong folder.

Rukhnul 24/09 15:25

Thank you very much, my internet is a bit slower, so we'll see in 2 hours if it worked xddd

Plissken 24/09 15:11

best is to download all maps directly here
add all in Vietcong/maps folder

Plissken 24/09 15:10

hi, it's exe installer, did you execute/next/next it?

Rukhnul 24/09 13:39

I need some advice. I wanted to join - 01, running map GW_Sabayon_CoopCOOP...I've downloaded the map "GW_Sabayon_Coop" from here, but it says in game that I need to download GW_Sabayon_CoopCOOP

[LzR]MaCCeSo 23/09 22:52

Oh Matt, take time for your recovery. need u in best shape. ;)

and welcome rukhnul. stay hungry ;)

LM 23/09 14:15

Well welcome Rukhnul!Smiley

Rukhnul 23/09 11:18

Ey yo. I'm new here. I am looking forward to playing with you all (I'm starting college in a week, but I want to play atleast twice a week, because I fell in love with multiplayer)

Victor Myson. 23/09 00:24

Matt, Your a good fighter Smiley
Fight those infections, and we will see you soon BuddySmiley

CraZyGirL'. 23/09 00:06

Helloo Matt!!! Hope nothing wrong. Take care ! See you soon Smiley

Joey 22/09 22:57

Take care Matt! :)

LM 22/09 21:38

Keep strong Matt!Smiley

Chikichonga 22/09 21:21

get better soon matt

Fox 22/09 19:42

Best wishes Matt! Get better man!!

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 22/09 19:39

Gute Besserung Matt sehen uns auf dem Schlachfeld

Plissken 22/09 18:02

get well soon matt :)

Matt/Ger 22/09 15:32

Hello i am off for a while lying in hospital with some infects (not corona) See us in the field when time comes Matt

Melber 21/09 23:24

Hey who setup tk servers? they've gone completely crazy.? How can they turn off map downloads completely.!!! Smiley This is total nonsense. You can't really get those maps anywhere, and it totally sucks before the end of the round, when you have no idea at any moment whether to have a map or not.

LM 21/09 19:28

Yes Pablo...that is perfectSmiley

Pablo 21/09 16:33

With Midi i have the same problem

Pablo 21/09 16:32

PERFECT is when all team stay alive at the end yes?

Marek2325 20/09 20:36

I have problem with map Midi, it says Map not found. And yes, i download all maps.