*Torakiki* 01/07 21:50

Thanks Plissken Smiley

Plissken 01/07 19:45

gj Smiley

*Torakiki* 01/07 16:16

Thx LM Smiley Smiley

LM 01/07 15:55

Good job Tora! Finally mate ;D

*Torakiki* 01/07 14:26

Thx GaNjAm8 Smiley

GaNjA '|'iGe|2 30/06 23:08

CONGRATS *Torakiki*

Plissken 30/06 14:49


VCG_freddy 30/06 13:35

I was first reading "one of my minds said to me.." @scotty :P

Matt/Ger 29/06 19:23


Plissken 29/06 11:12


Scotty 29/06 03:33

One of my friends said to me, hay Scotty were you ever in Nam, i said Yes, then he said when were you in Nam, I said Today, Think About That,

Scotty 25/06 15:39

you know the way you guys run around like chickens with you heads cut off, im not going to say any names, but if you guys were really in Nam you guys would shit your pants, Think about it,

Matt/Ger 24/06 21:00

Restart soon Pliss is informed

Viet Minh King Congh 24/06 20:36

Smiley Please, server 2 needs a restart Smiley

braddock 24/06 18:25

hey i do that scotty ...np ✔👏

GaNjA '|'iGe|2 23/06 02:20

Congrats ANGUS! *****Smiley

Scotty 22/06 03:55

Braddock i Can Lead Us To Victory on That Mission If You Like

Plissken 19/06 23:14

or tk srv commands here

Plissken 19/06 23:13

hello welcome back
some commands here

Ely 19/06 20:31

Hello, would you please help me? I play again after more than a year and I forgot almost all commands. Would someone be so kind and send me them in message? thank you very much

braddock 19/06 17:17

sure is.. thanks for the 4 months later wake up call...lol✔👏

Scotty 18/06 23:02

yes it is i think so

braddock 18/06 20:03

is that the one from feb 24th scotty? i dont see other one..but g job m8 ✔👏

Scotty 18/06 08:16

Oh and 2 BodyBags

Scotty 18/06 08:15

Mission Report on LM_JUNGLECRASH only 1 pack of ciggs smoked, and victory, he he lol love that mission

Scotty 18/06 07:47

OK im Off To Play my Fav Mission LM_JUNGLECRASH

Scotty 18/06 07:42


Scotty 18/06 07:41

Nice To Here Boyka, Glad to have You back, now drop and give me 20, Solider

Scotty 18/06 07:38

Ok faKush, this is your Commander and all time great Team leader Scotty, Get your ass over here and hit the dirt, Crawl your butt up to that fallen tree and stay in Extream cover and Fire At Will, then Wait, for Back up, oh and How Was Your Chopper Ride Over Here, he he

Scotty 18/06 07:32

Good Evening Doc, i need a medic, he he