.RituaL. 16/09 19:43

player mg42 from algeria is a wallhacker and plays on the tk.3 server ...

Plissken 16/09 19:34

hi, welcome, maps can be found here

Pablo 16/09 19:10

And where i can download all maps?
vietcong-coop.net havent some maps ... :/

Pablo 16/09 18:59

Smiley Great. I want to bring a few players here and play with them :) Maybe they will want to play more often and more :)

Fox 16/09 16:40


Hi, welcome! Well you do, even in your PC... But you would miss the crazy moments in this great community that is TK ;-)

Pablo 16/09 15:21

Can i create my own server?

Pablo 16/09 15:20

Thx for my first game after couple years :)

Thank u, Come Again! 14/09 00:07

@ Fox; only 3 to go ... Smiley

Fox 13/09 18:45

Congratulations Tuca! Again!

How many PM still to go?


Thank u, Come Again! 13/09 14:39

Thanks Pepito's & Pepita's !

Joey 13/09 12:13

Proficiat! SmileySmileySmileySmileySmiley

Doc 13/09 11:39

Congratulations Smiley

*Torakiki* 12/09 22:56

Yeeees GOOOD JOOB TucaM8!! SmileySmiley

CraZyGirL'. 12/09 20:54

ConngratZ Tuca! Smiley

[LzR]MaCCeSo 10/09 01:03

Appreciation @ vc Coop tournament:

Hello all =), it was a fabolous idea to create a vc coop tournament. It was the first time for me and my team and we really really appreciated the time of meet and train and get into the fight. So thx for your all work to gave me and us this great opportunity to cooperate with other human beings to make a) this tournament possible and b) to work high motivated, goal-oriented and friendly together. Especially at failure situations... xD:grimacing: looking forward to defend. THX TO ALL!!! REALLY! cu :wave: and btw....really funny best moments "awards" :joy:
hope all of u are fine!

Thank u, Come Again! 09/09 18:30

Isn't CanthoCE the map where vc kills themself all the time? Smiley Smiley

Good job Sox, or Box, or ... whatever your name is Smiley

Plissken 09/09 13:53


Matt/Ger 09/09 13:44

Shit haooens Fox XDDDD

Fox 09/09 13:37

Woooot Perfect solo on CanthoCE???



Doc 09/09 09:42

Congratulations, darling Smiley

Matt/Ger 06/09 22:07

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03mUI9LaaIg&list=RDx0RV0kgdqJU&index=2 SmileySmileySmiley

CraZyGirL'. 06/09 20:44

Merci SmileySmileySmiley

Plissken 06/09 19:04

gg Smiley Smiley

Joey 05/09 23:21

Anytime Smiley

CraZyGirL'. 05/09 20:57

Thanks Joey Smiley for support.

Thanks Matt Smiley

Matt/Ger 05/09 19:36

Meldone Crazy for potw Smiley

CraZyGirL'. 05/09 19:10

Mouhahahahahahahaha Foxyy

Thanks SmileySmiley

CraZyGirL'. 05/09 18:31

Good job to all ! and thank's for help SmileySmileySmileySmiley

Fox 05/09 17:46

Cheating pays back! Well done cheater! xDDDDD


CraZyGirL'. 05/09 16:41

Thank you Tuca ! Smiley

Thank's Kiiikiiii Smiley