Plissken 08/12 20:43

thx for feedback

Plissken 08/12 20:43

hum ok i'll try it x)

Leo 08/12 20:37

After an unsuccessful attempt, after a while it writes another unsuccessful attempt and switches to the next map, restart does not work, the game occasionally cuts. I wanted to try to do the first perfect there but it is hard if you have only one try and it still gets cut sometimes. I hope this is understandable :)

Plissken 08/12 20:31

i can use translator :)

Leo 08/12 20:29

My English is horrible :D try play at radio and you will see ;)

Plissken 08/12 20:23

nice screenshots btw

Plissken 08/12 20:22

"does not work as it should"?

Leo 08/12 17:44

Zdar Pliss,

couldn't you do something with the map radio relay? There is only one attempt and the map does not work as it should.

General LV

Kan*geruh 08/12 16:09

This Bastard vote me out..

Kan*geruh 08/12 16:09

i ban @Jurij
I think all self Bastards and pro Day 20 other names...

Kan*geruh 08/12 13:00

@Biorb ban:
@shit an @Mal
This Players play great shit an have good IP from Poland and Romania.....than highping with 600....

Plissken 08/12 03:55

little news for tk2 coop:
- events every saturday and wednesday nights
- tl is selected without commands (orally), no more warning at start, but if you can't decide now there is /rtl cmd for randomly choice :)

Plissken 08/12 03:47

thx for feedback

Plissken 08/12 03:47

@sonic: i fixed sapper warning msg bug

Plissken 08/12 03:43

you can find it on ts

Thank u, Come Again! 08/12 03:23

pw for tk2 = 4thebold

sonic 08/12 01:12

Logan: you have to be on TS to play on .tk #2

Logan 08/12 00:24

Where can i find password for #2 tonight?

Logan 07/12 23:19

I dropped the nade.. didn't mean to teamkill. Can you reinstate me so I can play

Logan 07/12 23:17

Unfortunately I have been banned :(

Logan 07/12 23:17

Whoops made mistake with grenade ... sorry guys!

Plissken 07/12 20:50

i'll join #2 after ruiz vs joshua fight Smiley

Logan 07/12 20:14

Going to cook now... will be back later a bit for more fun on Vietcong #1

Kan*geruh 07/12 19:51

wanted to make picture, somehow we did not go.
Ban Exploit #9 ***********

Failmaster 07/12 18:37

Hi :) .....why i was banned ?....:(

Fox 07/12 16:55

Hi guys. I was really into the game for later today, but sadly I can't be online :( Hope I can join next and you guys have fun!

Thank u, Come Again! 06/12 23:50

@Force/Scarface: nu wil ik wel weten waarom ge daarachter vroeg Smiley

Martyr 06/12 19:49

Probably not dude - sorry. Maybe another time in a few weeks.

Plissken 06/12 15:08

Smiley marty can u join saturday night?

Martyr 06/12 13:32

No problem! Great to see the Vietcong Customs site still providing so many downloads for VC after so many years. Vietcong 4ever! :D

Force|Scarface 05/12 23:16

@Martyr, thanks!!!

Junior 05/12 19:54

always happend on those servers " - 01" and "[HR]-HellRaisers"

that one "{petunyin server} M__i__D__i" works well.

after Plissken trick, know I can play all of those servers. Thanks!

Sgt.Slaughter 05/12 19:48

I had this Problem with my "host "file to many ips inside or wrong...

Plissken 05/12 17:38

u have no error msg i guess, if it says "connexion failed", u r missing fist alpha addon
guys we should make a list with common bugs

Plissken 05/12 17:37

but u say "always", normally this bug happens on few maps only

Plissken 05/12 17:36

there is a trick, go back desktop while loading the map then reselect it, else wait the next map, strange bug

Thank u, Come Again! 05/12 17:24

@ Junior: some maps cause the game to crash for joiners (when already people started playing that map). Just try again when another map is being played.

Hope it helps

Junior 05/12 15:38

Hello Guys,

always when I want to connect on the servers, it starts loading the game but then it drop and turn off the Vietcong game..

anyone knows whats going on?


Force|Scarface 03/12 23:16

Anyone still has the aeral images of all standard VC maps? Pterodon once published them. Thanks

Plissken 01/12 21:53

but this list is just informative, you still can join sessions without it

Victor Myson. 01/12 21:46


Plissken 01/12 21:31

to see "add me" at bottom of tk2 srv status

Plissken 01/12 21:30

no m8 u need to be logged

Victor Myson. 01/12 21:30

I never saw it before....Maybe connection?Smiley

Victor Myson. 01/12 21:28

Now it's there

Victor Myson. 01/12 21:27

Where is 'Add-me' button? I cant see itSmiley

[LzR]MaCCeSo 01/12 19:47

hey mates, did u really meet for real coop? great news. Easy "Add-me" button is clever. i have a lot to do in school and with Amalia. Hope to join u saturday, 14th ;) keep on fighting SmileySmileySmiley

Plissken 01/12 02:46

glad to hear that guys i hope i can join u next time