Plissken 10/08 13:44


Appii 10/08 12:57

i dont but thats just me XD ^^

Scotty 10/08 09:27

thats ok m8 its all good we still love you,

IO VI AMMAZZO TUTTI2 10/08 05:00

Unfortunately I work too much in front PC and I cant join too often :(

IO VI AMMAZZO TUTTI2 10/08 04:58

I miss all of you guys Smiley

Plissken 09/08 19:18

looking nice Smiley

Appii 08/08 10:02

gose into addons\fistalpha

Appii 08/08 10:02

if you guys wanna try the M1 re-texture there you go

Plissken 08/08 03:18

ok i tested the cbf on =SFX= DevilsBridge and it works fine on my side

Appii 07/08 20:33

there you go pli

Plissken 07/08 20:30

guys can you share the cbf file you used? i only have flower m16/ak

Appii 07/08 19:55

ye Fox i dont have this problem on that map can u tell me your pc specs and launcher setting cuz it seems form the screenshot that u post that the LOD is was not loaded

Appii 07/08 19:40

Fox i tested the map and i dont see problems but i might test it more check screens and thanks for let me know

TRAVX 07/08 17:29

U will wake CHAVEZ up lol

Plissken 07/08 15:39

sounds good Smiley

VCG_freddy 07/08 15:34

yeah suuummmer time :D night shift is cool :D chilling/sleeping in garden at day. working at night when its not so hot :D

Plissken 07/08 13:31

heat wave is coming!! Smiley

Plissken 07/08 13:31

hahaha dunno he doesn't respond Smiley

[LzR]Zark 07/08 13:16

Short question: CHAVEZ is sleeping in the bravo-channel? Smiley

Fox 07/08 02:35

Appii, I'm having a few problems with weapons upscaled pack. Test it with =SFX= DevilsBridge for instance. I have a couple screenshots uploaded.

Scotty 06/08 23:57

yeah but it seems like super vietnam mode

Plissken 06/08 22:12

well it's always been vietnam difficulty Smiley

Scotty 06/08 22:09

pliss did u do to the VC its almost impossible to win a mission they have pin point shooting, i cant beleve it

Plissken 06/08 20:17

@fox: come teamspeak plz

[LzR]MaCCeSo 05/08 23:03

oh yes, i see. vietcong ultimateSmiley

Plissken 05/08 22:54

thx mac, testing new design ideas, code rework, new features like private messages, and new ingame commands like /skip to avoid current map

[LzR]MaCCeSo 05/08 22:49

thx pliss and appii :) a lot of new features on your site, pliss. very impressed of the improvements - looks like a picture book of jungle paired with overview for the important lighted nick at weekly ranking, alternate colours in ranking,...Smiley

Fox 05/08 18:00

I tried to close and reopen game. It got back to normal after 4 times... Really weird.

Plissken 05/08 14:20

weird first time i see, keep us in touch if u solve it

Thank u, Come Again! 05/08 03:14

weird screenshots fox
Something similar happend to me 2 months ago. A restart fixed it