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Thanks for your understanding.

Plissken 22/02 22:26


VCG_freddy 22/02 21:50

ohhh, khmerz have a girlfriend? :P

Plissken 22/02 19:40

Smiley Smiley Smiley

khmerz 22/02 19:22

Thank you Pliss, & friends, for all your support & understanding.

But sorry, I haven't been able to get involved in the battlefield for several days. Suddenly I lost my killing instinct. I don't know why that happened, or maybe I'm in love ...;d

Again, thanks for friends, m8's, bro's. You really come through, & proving what are friends are for.

Plissken 22/02 19:07

blame donors, but without them, no platform

Plissken 22/02 19:05

from your doc "RE Tk is pay to win, donor want advantage. Better to allow 1 rr but only 1 chance not 2 as usual"

who said that? :p
i don't agree, extra commands and points, but no extra skill

Plissken 22/02 19:01

mac i reviewed again your powerpoint (yes he did :D), many good ideas, but also often long to implement

what i can do fastly:
- add /sten command
- add all waiting maps to a poll, and i would add a few - but one of you could do it also

long but cool:
- i like the idea of a weekly stat system, i already wanted to make some "player of the week" award

you could share this doc to all btw

if you see some other important and fast feature i could code, tell me now


Thank u, Come Again! 22/02 18:50


Plissken 22/02 18:50

done Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 22/02 18:25

humm PLISSKEN: ... maccesso & myself were doing RIVERDALE .. and we used the 'alternative ending' (you know: engineer places C4 in the hut => video-ending) ... but result: I (and probably maccesso as well): banned for 'multi explosions) .... :-) ... plz unban

ShUkKy 22/02 17:28

for you my brother Kilo Zoulou ,
Wir lieben dich, wie du bist :

loook this video :




Arican 22/02 17:19


Plissken 22/02 13:38

good spirit all, nice Smiley

Kan*geruh 22/02 09:36

Yes,Khermi is good Player and make nice Fun with him to Play !!!

Kaplar Aleksa 22/02 01:42

Hello my nice friends all around the world !
Only what I can say about our war bro Khemerz is that he is nice COOP gamer and realy good man. I think that Plissken decision is good and we must save nice relationship between us.

Colonel Leos Vozihnoj 21/02 23:31


Khmerz is good guy and of course my bro from the other end of the world. As he wrote, he made it for helping other players not for his stats. Khmerz for general and Scotty for president!

Best regards
Your Colonel LV

(PS. Pliss can you please send me my pass for classic acount to email? Smiley thank you)

gianlu 21/02 21:26

we love you, Kmh8 :D

Thank u, Come Again! 21/02 21:20

If he insists on punishment, let him change his nick to "I LOVE CHOF" for a week or so ;-)

[LzR]MaCCeSo 21/02 21:15

"Find the peace, close your eyes, imagine how you are one with the nature, feel the flow of forget tracking the time, spread love to everyone, forgive the others like u wish u could be forgiven"Smiley

Plissken 21/02 19:56

thx for explaining yourself, no punishment we are not a sect, even if mac would be a good guru :D

khmerz 21/02 19:39

@Plissken, hope your'e fine

That could be a violation of the rules (if any), or at least unethical. But, do you know why Tutti really cares about this issue? Is it because I didn't tell him how to do it, after he asked many times?

In a few game sessions, i use it to try to help friends who live alone (lms), such as helping find the last enemy (Mark Giordano @Vet_Khenui, Kaplar Alexa @DevilsBridge), giving ammunition (Kan*geruh @Arroyo) or medical (Alien@Suburb_Ruins), and some that I have forgotten. Actually there are not many benefits that I get personally. Let' see my statistic, noob, isn't it?

For the rules & punishment, let the Council of Generals (& donors), decide....

[LzR]MaCCeSo 21/02 19:36

@tuca haha, too :D

@plissken: i have recognized fight only at some ctf Maps, last weeks - no Problem for coop on TK anymore, but still active in Vietcong.

@kistu - like plissken said, there are several ctf Servers to join together . do u know how to find the Servers in the serverlist?

Plissken 21/02 19:22

btw, do u confirm fight... is finally wiped from servers?

Plissken 21/02 19:18

haha, all i can say is: u won't find evil autoadmin on other coop servers ;)
i know there are many ways to improve, i gathered ideas, but it needs time
plus, aacoop is running without major bugs for long, adding big feature = big side effect (bugs)

Thank u, Come Again! 21/02 19:11

about the rejoining disscussion: how bout this: The other day i was playing, and game crashed. When i joined again, server said "Tuca will be killed for rejoining" ... There's no talking to auto-admin, ... it's a hard judge.

What i wanna say is: 'unfair' things happen to the just of kind as well ... and i'm not always that strong that i can resist the urge to break rules here & now. Both in real life, as in the others.


Plissken 21/02 19:08

and there is tk ctf server! or neo's server

[LzR]MaCCeSo 21/02 19:00

Hey mates!
I didnt see Khmerz doing that. Just seeing rejoining after lost connection i thought and that he left the server still alive... Didnt see him rejoining after being dead.

nice!!!!! there are some players, who really enjoy playing ctf here - Biorb, Dloco, Neo e.g. and they r really good so u could have your new challenge :D Watch out for -=CTF TIME=- server from Biorb and connect with them, but to contact, talk english to {Ju$}Dloco
but u can find them also playing here on coop server sometimesSmiley

Kistu 21/02 15:05

im looking for help! whats the thing... there is 12-20 of us, in Belgrade, playing Vietcong since beggining (2003-2010)... and after 8 years, we reunite (2018), and playing it (via LAN) again... i wish to have some international duel,, via online server... 12 on 12.. or 16 on 16.... ctf... we never tried are aims against anybody else, but between us... hope there will be someone

Kistu 21/02 14:59

hi people!
writing from Belgrade, Serbia..

gianlu 21/02 14:47

why don't we just talk to him? Khmer is a good guy.

Kan*geruh 21/02 14:37


Plissken 21/02 13:47

amen that

VCG_freddy 21/02 11:56

when it is bypassing a server rule then it sounds like its not allowed :P

IO VI AMMAZZO TUTTI2 21/02 02:39

Kan*geruh, that is not answering at my question anyway...... ;-) Is this allowed or not? It looks a bit "dirty" just because you are bypassing a server rule.

Kan*geruh 20/02 08:38

That's why it is so when he has 3x Vietcong running with a 300 ping ... and others do it in between as well ...

IO VI AMMAZZO TUTTI2 19/02 21:09

Hey, I see sometime KhmerZ to rejoin with another IP after he dies. Is this allowed?

Thank u, Come Again! 19/02 19:27

@ Plissken: any chance of re-opening coop-server 2? Server 1 is often full ... and frankly: not exactly filled with the most enthusiastic coop-spirited-players ...Smiley

Plissken 19/02 17:41

Guys you should watch - great doc

ShUkKy 17/02 00:46

Salut Nono , tu reinstalles le programme
vietcong en français tout simplement , tu as download vietcong sur la même page , vietcong version 1.60 et fistalpha ,

Nguyen Giap 16/02 23:11

good evening

Thank u, Come Again! 16/02 19:52

Weird to see some (french) guy using my CTF-nick "nono" ....SmileySmiley

nono 16/02 15:11

Hello, can i ask the question please ? how put VC in French please ???? thx for need


Plissken, is possible to upgrade the teamspeak server?

.RituaL. 15/02 07:27

hi hopkins

Hopkins 14/02 00:15

Hi all

Plissken 13/02 22:26

damn i check

gianlu 13/02 21:28

unfortunately the issue isn't fixed :(

gianlu 13/02 21:15

lol's because I'm on vacation in Italy! :D
thank you mate!!

Plissken 13/02 12:56

hi m8! it was linked to ur country that changed again :) damn globe trotter :p it's fixed now

gianlu 12/02 22:04

hey Pliss! Hi guys!
hope everything is ok with you!
it looks like I'm not a donor anymore...I haven't changed my nickname...should I put it with the capital "G"?
thank you !!!