VCG_freddy 16/06 03:53

on tk website is everything on wrong side like through a mirror! :D thanks for comeback of 2nd server ;) hope it will be used often

Plissken 15/06 23:11

but relax coop is nice too Smiley

Plissken 15/06 23:10

np mate Smiley
best memories i have on this game are the realistic coop rounds on vc-coop years ago, i always wished to recreate this without success

Thank u, Come Again! 15/06 23:01

Well, from the players POV, it's very nice to have that extra option available.

TYVM Snake_Plissken :) Smiley

Plissken 15/06 22:25

well i wanted to give a second chance to real coop on tk and keep ctf srv Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 15/06 22:18

Oh boy, though maps for sure !! I won't be collecting alot of POTW points this week hihihi (who gives a funk anywayz)

VET Hells Canyon was fun ! almost made it... until that silent death from above ... Something is sexy about being grenade_killed :-)

Plissken 15/06 22:03

headset not mandatory :)

Thank u, Come Again! 15/06 20:57

found it :)

Thank u, Come Again! 15/06 20:54

ok, i throws me out of TS because i got no headset i assume.

Plissken 15/06 20:50

tk2 = real coop srv with hard maps and ts3 needed, but all these maps give bonus points for potw Smiley

Plissken 15/06 20:49

find it on ts3 (mandatory)

Thank u, Come Again! 15/06 20:16

tk.02: password?

Thank u, Come Again! 15/06 19:58

Can't believe my eyes, tk.02 is back !

[LzR]MaCCeSo 14/06 23:48

Leo U get the Award :
Most death in Situations, where actually Nobody could die 🀣😘

Plissken 14/06 22:46


Thank u, Come Again! 14/06 20:05

SHOUTOUT to my favorite FR-Player: Where are you Shukky?

Kan*geruh 14/06 16:50

Medal for *Lama* or *Speedy-Conzales-Runners*

Scotty 14/06 16:24


[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 14/06 13:02

noob medal when leo :)

Leo 14/06 11:27

Macc 10 maps alive in row, I thought you like me Smiley I want some medal too Smiley what about hero medal for 10 die in a row? Smiley Smiley

Plissken 14/06 10:11

too many medals will be messy i think Smiley

Plissken 14/06 10:10

actually what will be tested next week:

- easy high pj maps are not counted (laby extrem, minh shrine etc)
- bonus points for hard vet maps

but it will be still possible to be potw without playing vet maps i hope it's clear, it's like pj and just bonus points


[LzR]MaCCeSo 14/06 07:37

What about an Award, 10 Maps Alive in a row ? 😏

[LzR]MaCCeSo 14/06 07:36

Special Award for 3 Times potw Winner biorb πŸ₯‰

[LzR]MaCCeSo 14/06 07:33

Haha nice kangerooh ist i know whats possible 😁
Scotty, lovely comment πŸ₯°
I Like The conversation and The Idea of improvement πŸ‘Œ
So thx tuca,alsen,biorb and CEO pliss :)
Lets Go in and win The vet Jungle Maps.
Dunno when i will have more time again, Baby ist awaking me at all possible Times 😁 free time ist used for Recovery πŸ˜€
And The Summer is coming tooβ˜€οΈ
I feel more and more players coming Back and enjoy..great great thing :)
Cu mates, 🧐

Thank u, Come Again! 14/06 02:49

Ty Pliss, for taking my suggestion into consideration. I hope it helps getting the harder maps more play-time/players

BiOrb 13/06 22:26


Plissken 13/06 22:09

yes use /sten cmd Smiley

BiOrb 13/06 21:55

Of course, I also agree with the new settings, why not.
A new challenge.
It was also possible to unlock the sten weapon ?

Plissken 13/06 20:15

well screensize 1280*800 for example, your jpeg is from camera with big height/width, normally my form should auto resize it, but not implemented yet
you have many sites to resize online

gianlu 13/06 20:07

hahaha sorry!!! thank you mate!! :D

(which format is the correct one, btw?)

Plissken 13/06 20:06

yes mate a little bit too big haha but i'll do the change don't worry thx for screenshot :)

gianlu 13/06 20:04

hey Pliss !!! :D

gianlu 13/06 20:04

p.s. I agree with you guys with the "more point for hard maps" thing!

Plissken 13/06 20:03

hey gian :D

gianlu 13/06 20:02

oh sh*t...I have uploaded a pic to cheer everyone...but I guess it has a wrong format... :D
sorry about that!

Plissken 13/06 20:02

lol biorb we respect what you did and with the new rules you would have been potw also, it doesn't change that much

why changes? because we try to improve all the time, every idea is welcome, and more points for hard maps is nice, don't you agree? let's try these new settings next week Smiley

BiOrb 13/06 19:53

Hi everyone.
Why against new changes, just because of a man yelling. I do not think so too. He can donate something for the first time and then demand something. Or can everyone wish something here? I also like to play difficult maps but I need good timm. I've made a lot of people time POTW and I think that has made people more motivated to play. I have done that only to show what is possible.
Is that the reason that everything is now dying?
Have a good time.

Thank u, Come Again! 13/06 17:38

sounds good.
What macesso wrote was a bit what i was aiming for as well:
2 points or something for Palace-EX
2 million points for a VET map

something like that Smiley

@Plissken: Server 2 was not always empty ... I often started alone playing in there ... after a while some of the guys joined in.

Scotty 13/06 17:15

Pliss you are Da Man in my book what ever you say ill do,
love you m8

Plissken 13/06 15:36

ok deal, for new 'classy' potw only, easy high pj maps are not counted, and bonus points for hard vet maps Smiley

Plissken 13/06 12:52

lol thx mate but it's my pleasure too, i love this game :)
about suggestions, it's a really good thing, i have not much time but i'm always open to new ideas if they are constructive (see my resp to tuca)

Martyr 13/06 12:50

My opinion... a good variety of maps. And if you want to rate popularity, make a page where we can poll/score our favorite maps. Map voting in a shoutbox will get really messy I think lol.

Martyr 13/06 12:46

You've done great work on all these thing Pliss. And you continue to do this work... for free... because you love it. You will NEVER keep everyone happy 100% all the time. There will be so many suggestions and opinions. Stay true to your own beliefs.

Plissken 13/06 12:45

no problem, but an useful thing would be to list the maps that should be removed, and see what people think

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 13/06 11:57

i dont feel offended i say what i think.

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 13/06 11:55

thank you for your work respect for that. I'm the only one who says anything. And really players going out when ugly/bad map is coming.

Plissken 13/06 11:51

and please don't feel offended all the time

Plissken 13/06 11:49

actually i did this work of finding/testing new maps for everyone, even if only you complain about it

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 13/06 11:36

what you dont find easy maps for me oh no :( help pliss to find easy maps for me :)