Kaplar Aleksa 13/10 14:06

Cuta riding again, well come back my friend ! Smiley

Plissken 13/10 01:25

@minh, i got ur mail, i'll test ur map as soon as i have time! thx for ur work Smiley

Plissken 13/10 01:23

hahaha Smiley restarted

Victor Myson. 13/10 00:50

Um Plissken?

Something is definitely wrong with tk1. Maybe you should pay TUCA his ransome.......

ALIEN.cz 12/10 23:59

SFX MeKong the same problem, admin commands no functional...

ALIEN.cz 12/10 23:25

VET DONGNAI - map bug, pleas help Pliss Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 12/10 23:07

Bonsoir Plissken

I hold Auto-Admin from tk1 hostage.
You want him back? Then give me 50.000 ranking-points & promote me to super-general.

Smiley Smiley Smiley

Logan 12/10 21:49

Nope doesn't like me playing OrangeCity

Logan 12/10 21:44

Oh man Vietcong.tk #1 crashing when i join

Plissken 11/10 01:25


Kaplar Aleksa 10/10 21:26

All of you, have greetings from our old friend Cuta !

I tolked to him today. Smiley

Kan*geruh 09/10 15:55

THX Plissi fo New Serverlist !!


Plissken 08/10 20:37

there is an issue with one component of vcms, this is why serverlist is empty, i'll investigate & fix later i have no time now Smiley

VCG_freddy 08/10 16:17

@ben. please host better maps then netbok. he is a shame for Britain ! :D (who played his "BrokebackMountain""?)

Plissken 08/10 14:08

he can also see on his own lan bro

Fox 08/10 13:49

Ben, you can't see your server... But others will :-) You would have to open a game, outside your network ;-)

Plissken 07/10 22:06

hum yes vcms was offline, but Ben was talking about his own servers

Maniac__ 07/10 19:05

i, i have the same problem.
I am on windows 10.
but i can direct connect with ip.

Plissken 07/10 18:22


Thank u, Come Again! 07/10 18:17

share it ! SmileySmileySmiley

Plissken 07/10 17:19


Plissken 07/10 16:55

share ur file

Ben Wilson 06/10 22:51

How come vietcong isn't loading any of my servers when the host file is correct? :/

Martyr 05/10 16:18


Plissken 05/10 13:59

lol i write at 3:47 am and biorb answers at 3:53, everything is normal :D Smiley

BiOrb 05/10 03:53


Plissken 05/10 03:47


Thank u, Come Again! 04/10 19:53

@ Macceso; aha! good to know. I'm gonna watch a football game first. If still fresh; i'll come looking for it !

Have fun!

[LzR]MaCCeSo 04/10 18:48

commander - earn your money for some nice vc weekends ant btw....BIORB going for player of the year? 5th strike in front - area cleared here?!

[LzR]MaCCeSo 04/10 18:46

TUCA ....vice worldchampion 200m in DOHA and first Peerfect on TK" . only few days later.---what a man!! hey dude, we come later playing a smart mix between relax and real coop (1,2 deaths allowed) - maybe see u on the servers - maybe TK2 , i tested and it works :) would be niiiiiiiiice - and ben wilson---nice stream at ambush ;)

Thank u, Come Again! 04/10 17:58

Tuca proudly presents:




Thank u, Come Again! 04/10 07:03

thx pliss

**S** Commander 04/10 06:10

Can i make rambo? hahahaha. I am lost... working hard on office, too many hours...

422PAU 04/10 03:52

yeah! Smiley

Plissken 03/10 22:15


Thank u, Come Again! 03/10 18:21

Server 2 down

[LzR]MaCCeSo 03/10 15:06

@kangu, AT minh_valey its Not so easy to throw a nade Not AT tree and Not jumping back to Our feet 🌳💣😆

Kan*geruh 03/10 14:31


The Next Time when play and you make 3 TK with Nade,than Ban !!!!
You cannot in Playgame and make Rambo Shit !!

Victor Myson. 01/10 23:57

Sygfrost strives only for perfect missions. He has Black-sheeped me for his perfects. His team never mattered to him.... from my playinga with him.

[LzR]MaCCeSo 01/10 22:55

@ mad bull doggy style,
why u havent been here and record one of best epic lucky end :D haha 🍀🍀🍀 cu lucky luke

Matlafous 30/09 18:50


.RituaL. 30/09 18:43

Hmm looking in to his map scores, there are some highly suspicious times for some of his maps that het ended as perfect...Smiley

.RituaL. 30/09 18:40

Shit that was my tactic Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 30/09 18:02

I don't know Ritual ... stats can be deceiving ... What if you only join in on the most easy maps & NEVER pick medic/engineer? Smiley

.RituaL. 30/09 14:35

Sygfrost wow what stats... best player by far...Smiley

Plissken 29/09 16:17


Leo 29/09 14:27

Gia, I send him some mail but since he stop playing no answer from him :( Hope you will be success Smiley

Plissken 28/09 18:48

lol np