Stratzz 26/01 08:32

We got a chance to show Jarek Kolar. A pov to remaster this great phenomenon of a Vietnam HC FPS. February is only politeness and teamwork i want to see all nations working together and having fun. this is about roleplay and realism not like the new fps & COD BF ETC, Good Hunting Shrew 6 out

Stratzz 25/01 23:23

Hello Hola @#V1ru$ @Martyr I ass well am Australian and will do my best to participate. Should try get a max lobby February. Ps if you see stratz join server give me time with the lag. Smiley

Martyr 25/01 21:26

@*V1ru$ - what an amazing opportunity. Despite living in Australia, I will do my very best to participate. Maybe ask for a dedicated channel in the VC hub to help organise?

Chikichonga 25/01 20:47

virus, sounds like a great idea!

sonic 25/01 18:34

He is not just creator, he is (co)founder of Pterodon! Looking forward to play!

*V1ru$* 25/01 09:52

Hello guys,
I am looking for the help of the community to organize an event in February.
All the active players are invited, that would be a day which hasn't yet been decided to play this game.
Jarek Kolar, one of the creator of the game will be here, and that would be amazing to organize something to remember !
We could try to contact some old players and see who could be available to join, and discuss about what could be interesting to do all together !

Joey 24/01 02:40


Scotty 21/01 23:04

make sure your mic i pluged in or you cant run vc1

Fox 20/01 20:11

Leo is right.
From 3 servers only 2 show in listing.
I changed the ports, so now server 3 is showing. Got to tune up routing.

Thanks guys

braddock 20/01 17:08

fox have 2 playground server on coop list leo ? Smiley

[LzR]Zark 20/01 16:29

Leo, than look here
and try direct connection

braddock 20/01 16:14

congratulations CHIKICHONGA to First Lieutenant Smiley

Leo 20/01 15:18

Fox, sorry mate but I cant see your server on my list Smiley

Joey 20/01 09:05


braddock 19/01 18:40

congratulations Adolf H. to PrivateSmiley

Doc 18/01 12:03

Have an awesome week!

Plissken 18/01 04:51

gg cuta Smiley

Kaplar Aleksa 17/01 16:20

Congratulation Cuta for POW ! Smiley

Kan*geruh 17/01 16:10



Kan*geruh 17/01 08:50

Huhu Plissi,

Looking Server`s,i think little Restart...THX


Plissken 17/01 01:24

y i remember this upnp bug i had long time ago Smiley

Chikichonga 17/01 00:07

I had it just for creating, joining was fine. So if anyone runs into the same problem, just do that and it'll clear it up. (It didn't matter whether in-game or not)

Chikichonga 17/01 00:06

hey! thanks Fox, i looked it up on Turns out it's a Windows driver issue; you have to disable uPnP, but leave ssdp on. :)

Fox 16/01 22:14

Hey Chikichong you need to be more specific...

You have timeout when creating the server or joining?

How do you create it? Ingame? Or dedicated?

Chikichonga 16/01 19:50

Hey guys! Anyone encounter this problem before? When I try to create my own server (just to play a COOP map alone), it says Connection Time Out, and doesn't work.

Plissken 16/01 14:29

ssd migration

[LzR]Zark 16/01 11:59

Hio Pliss.

What do u have patched?

Plissken 15/01 17:21

normally it's good now

Kaplar Aleksa 15/01 17:15

Good luck Plissken ! Smiley

Plissken 15/01 04:10

hi there is a little migration i will need to do tomorrow in the afternoon, platform will be offline a few hours, 2 i think Smiley