Victor Myson. 25/01 00:15

HotDog! Glad that you are back! It's been such a long time. Your AI bots have been massacring all of are best soldiers in your maps while you've been away. Any plans for new map releases?

Hotdog 24/01 19:49


Scotty 24/01 15:11

HotDog i can send u mine if you pm me your E-mail

Hotdog 24/01 11:44

I missing my bind key file.. any ideas guys to get it?

Hotdog 24/01 11:42

Hey Scotty..I slowly coming back ...

Scotty 23/01 22:30

hello HotDog

Hotdog 23/01 18:19

only see 10 - 11 servers.. glad i see the ones i use ...

Plissken 23/01 17:45 masterserver ingame list is mirror of
indeed no [at] server

No Fear 23/01 17:16

@[Lzr]Zark: I'm using the masterserver, but I see just as Victor only 40 servers. The servers named [AT] Alpha Team and all servers with that same ip-adres are not visible in my serverlist.

Plissken 23/01 16:16

yo hotdog vc legend i answered ur pm
@vic: yea ur hosts file was good last time i checked it, weird

Hotdog 23/01 15:47

cant seem to get the maps working after i download them from this site. i go to extract them and i get a archive area .

Hotdog 23/01 13:56


[LzR]Zark 23/01 11:52

Hey. I can send u the IPs for your host file.

When u are a player and want to see all servers:
# # #
# #

When u are a hoster of a server: #
# #
# #

When u have # befor the IP than its a comment and the host file ignore this IP. Normally its fine when u copy only 1 IP into your file. But I want all complete in my file so thats easier for me to find the other IPs later (whe I need them - dont ask why :D )

When u want to know why you need this IPs, than check the Picture from Plissken:

Best regards

Hotdog 23/01 11:51

this not working?

Hotdog 23/01 11:47


Hotdog 23/01 11:47

hello all

Matt/Ger 23/01 10:43

43 Server Smiley

Scotty 23/01 01:43

40 servers christ, i only see like 10, no big deal as long as i can see the Vietcong 4 Ever servers

Victor Myson. 21/01 23:14

Hello Vietcong Fist Alpha Crowd. I need some insight on the server concept of the game. I have messaged Plissken And other server administrators about this problem already, But I can only see 40 servers on my in game list. I am unable to see or join any of Homi's servers in Czechoslovakia. Plissken says that my Hosts file is good, And I have changed and confirmed that, too. Homi said that my IP is not blocked on his side either. Maybe it's on my side? Or am being possibly blocked from that Region?

Thanks for the insight and hope to see you in the jungle soon..

Scotty 21/01 03:49


Matt/Ger 20/01 20:23


Plissken 20/01 11:38

scotty can be grumpy sometimes ;)

Plissken 20/01 11:38


Mira2 20/01 11:17

Can some admin fix Scotty name in profile? It says "Scotty", but it should be "Karen". No idea what that has been the case,, but if it could be fixed that would be great.

Scotty 19/01 23:57

oh and thanks for fucking up my joy in vc1

Scotty 19/01 23:56

the next person that jumps in my fire line when they see me covering a pos, gets a nade up the ass,

Scotty 19/01 23:54

i'd like to know how many wrongs make a right

Victor Myson. 19/01 03:47

C'mon Scotty Let's go find those VC. Glad We are not up against SA

Plissken 18/01 20:15

ye im using ip2nation database, sometimes bugged

Geo 18/01 19:15

Also it keeps thinking my country of origin is Saudia Arabia, but I am in the Netherlands lol. Very weird. Don't use any IP changer. And on other websites it does recognise Netherlands as location. So idk why.