[LzR]Zark 29/10 10:09

LzR_Deerhunter ---> First blood! Wow! good job to the team

Yugoslovan 29/10 06:36

I was very excited when I saw this game still alive 365 days ago. :) And it passed fast.

Tobi 29/10 02:28

Today's Yugoslovan's first anniversary here. c:

Kan*geruh 28/10 14:40

Huhu Kapi
Long Time not see

Kaplar Aleksa 28/10 10:21

Public thanks to many friends from this site who gave me helps in my bad game crash situation.

Im ready now for new missions !


Thank u, Come Again! 26/10 18:48

We make u work hard for the money heJ Smiley

I assume i'm unbanned. Thx for the quick work Smiley

And to **S**; i don't know 'how' yet ... but i'll get you back my friend ;-) muwhahaha Smiley

Plissken 26/10 18:44

guys... Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 26/10 18:20

humm, and now i banned myself on tk1 :-)
plz unban

Thank u, Come Again! 26/10 18:12

it was probably a joke (he didnt type my full nick)

Appii 26/10 18:10

commander accidentally ban tuca from server 02

**S** Commander 26/10 18:10

nooo!!! I make a joke to Tuca, and i bad him !!! Sorry !!!! i think that command no work to me!!!

Thank u, Come Again! 26/10 18:09

@Plissken: **S** gave me a ban for no good reason. Can you unban plz

Tobi 25/10 23:22

Got to 47/50 at VET_PHUCAM. Got killed by remaining VCs in the sewers. ;__;

Tobi 25/10 22:06

@Scotty Your and mine mate.

[LzR]Zark 25/10 21:09

"this is shit server" --> ban

Victor Myson. 25/10 20:26

Great Job Americano ...Commander You are HIM

Scotty 25/10 20:22

my personal GOD-ranking-order
and the person of the Holy Spirit

Luda 25/10 20:18

Congratz sexy commander. Always nice to play with u 💪

Sgt.Slaughter 25/10 19:32

Nice 1 CrAzY Commander Smiley

[LzR]Zark 25/10 18:50

my personal GOD-ranking-order
1. Maradonna
2. Messi
3. S-commander

---> brain fuck, they are all from argentinia Smiley

Plissken 25/10 17:11

commandito Smiley

**S** Commander 25/10 17:10

Thanks at all who play with me, making a good strategy, teamwork, and moments where we cry laughs, greetings, I appreciate you very much.Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 25/10 17:04

my personal GOD-ranking-order
1. Maradonna
2. Messi
3. S-commander

Fox 25/10 16:48

Congrats Commander!

BiOrb 25/10 16:17

keep your nerves Tobi .. you don't have to give a ban right away ... hete I have no control over my nerves hete I have given several ban ... just play and have fun ... wish everyone a nice Sunday ... Commander gjSmiley

CraZyGirL'. 25/10 15:05

CongratZ CraZy'S'Commander Smiley

braddock 25/10 07:34

congratulations **S** commander .p o t w.Smiley

Tobi 25/10 01:37

Or so I deduced from BiOrb's "M?" and apologising for being TKd by him dozen seconds later.

Tobi 25/10 01:35

M got banned for intentional TK on BiOrb out of spite to make perfect win impossible. As I'm being told, several attempts until he succeeded.

CraZyGirL'. 25/10 01:19