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Thanks for your understanding.

Plissken 20/08 10:43

Thank you Freddy for donation Smiley

Nosek 12/08 13:05

Grawl: widescreen mode is intentionally not applied to cutscenes. Unfortunaltely the background of the camp scene would not "fit" on the screen.

gianlu 11/08 18:25

all I can say is: YEAHHHHHH!!!
it's good to see you all, guys :D

Grawl 10/08 18:13

hello guys,
I'm currently having a VC solo campaign revival 8)
Using VCStarter widescreen aspect ratio fix, game looks OK.
Only problem is with the cutscenes, the fix is not taking effect with them.

do you know if there is a straightforward fix ?

Plissken 10/08 00:49

well it's more 1 week, heat wave duration ^^

Jackson_PL 10/08 00:35

Yes but " a short break" for one means 2-3 days, for another 2-3 weeks :D Really Plissken, this server keep my head up and faith in Vietcong and Vietcong Community :P

Plissken 09/08 18:07

it's better to have a short break and keep the srv safe, than keep it online and having a dead srv (and a very long break) Smiley

Plissken 09/08 17:55

guys like i said it was just a short break due to hell weather and high temps...
website was offline cause i had completely shut down the homesrv

F 09/08 13:06

I can only say the same thing as gianlu! I really appreciate your hard work! Thank you very much Plissken! I'm glad is back.

Jackson_PL 09/08 12:35

Ohh, I check this page every day I almost think it's over :(

Ninjutsu 09/08 03:18 is back 08/08 23:06

Thank you very much, Plissken!

Plissken 27/07 08:38

lol ty guys but don't think this is what i expect, flattery and stuff
all i do is for the game, this is why like i said i don't show myself like admin, i let the work to the autoadmin haha
but it's true i'm tired of lies and bs said on me during my "vc career", but i let it go
servers back asap, but another heat wave end of next week, i'll see what i can do

gianlu 26/07 21:14

I would just like to say that thanks to Pliss I started playing VC again after years, when I discovered his server on a snowy night in Kazakhstan.
Since then I have not stopped. And when I do not see on the server list, I just do not play.

Thanks Pliss!

Plissken 25/07 11:57

yep no big deal, srv off due to high temps, back soon Smiley

Krakatoa 25/07 07:07

Smiley agreeSmiley

Jackson_PL 24/07 20:58

Hi guys! I read what you were post here and I may don't understand the clue of problem, but... this start when Pliss checked logs. Maybe someone (including me to today) didn't know much about this server/admin/script and who wrote this. I understand you Pliss, hours of hard work with script and it's assigned to someone else. On that link to were couple answers in 2 years so it is not good indicator. Know simple and friendly. Dude, you made awesome server with great community. There are still a lot of players (sometimes more then 10 who want to play here) and all play COOP with rules. Give a fuck to fake infos and do what you do. Most of community is grateful and appreciates your work. ;)

Plissken 24/07 15:18

well i worked on the autoadmin for a very long time, i still do, so when someone is asking you who made it, and you say it's mb and don't mention my name, i do care about it and feel offended yes

but whatever, like you can see i didn't call it plissken_aa and i don't display my name everywhere (it's shown with /aa cmd though), people don't even know i'm admin despite i coded everything here and i'm hosting so many services, because like you said the most important is to help the game staying alive, what i'm trying to do for years

just, don't spread fake infos, even more when you know the truth "i know that you designed and set up your own autoadmin as i saw it developing from day to day"...

i know many guys must think i'm sensitive (lol), go read all the bs and hate that was written on me on, and nobody never said a word to defend me...
like this one
pliss - forever alone

@mac: noted, good explaination but i doubt the lag was due to the ts server, come ask me next time

srv will remain offline until friday at least due to very very hot weather, you have freddy srv replacement :D

rocke 24/07 14:41

i didnt say it is the one from him. honestly i dont care if it is either from him or from someone else as long as people can play and enjoy it. the respect for the effort is always there. skar asked me about and i said it looks like the one and i think it is from him. thats all. i know that you designed and set up your own autoadmin as i saw it developing from day to day. you present it in an angry way as i was complaining that. things can get clearified without hurting each other. regards.

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/07 11:10

Hey all valued TK mates and valued Plissken ;),
the following words are a common interpretation of the thoughts of Alsenplace69, Freddy, Loco, Luda, Sonic and me. The Rest of our whatsap grou, where we discussed the last hour the situation about the TS, Isgang, Biorb, Kevinho werent online before….but we believe they share the same words.
At a time, where the connection has had some issues and the pings have been hard to play, a friend of Biorb offered his TS channel to us and we felt (feeling – no analytic thinking – maybe a bit) that it cant be bad to save some capacity with an extern TS channel.

The following was---like humans are---if u r used to something and it works well – why should u change your habit---it‘s natural we think.

But we forgot your role there – that’s the mistake we made. U have had hard work for working system and we dont appreciate it. But that wasnt and isnt our intention.
The next we have forgotten was yourchange of living place…so we could have had a new Ts try….but like i said….its a habit. But now we understand why we can change that habit for better and will go to TK TS.
BTW: Just for all players info….we never made a secret of the adress of

Idea of all aforementioned players, typed by Mac.

Plissken 24/07 10:05

with 2 gameservers, because there are 2 now, cpu usage can go up to 90% when both are used

Plissken 24/07 10:03

but i let open websrv and other tools like ts, very low cpu usage and no impact on temp, or maybe i'll close all i'll see

Plissken 24/07 09:59

3) i don't close servers because of it, i planned to do it, high temps all week on fr, cu next week

Plissken 24/07 09:56

1) mb is the guy who created an autoadmin back in time on and pixelhunter, but he stopped it one day and never shared his great but lost work, this is why i decided to code mine and here we are
2) lags because of .tk TS server? with optical fiber? HAHA let me laugh :D why isn't any smart guy in the box to say it's total bullshit? at least ask me
it's the same when u got only ONE guy with bad ping but he keeps blaming the srv... thx for the laugh :D
and thx for answer sonic :)

sonic 24/07 09:43

1) who is mb?
2) What I heard is that .tk coop server had some lags when more people joined .tk TS server, not sure

Plissken 24/07 09:31

ok long time i didn't have a look on srv chatlogs:
1) rocky why u say mb coded autoadmin? he never shared ONE line of code
don't you know i worked on aacoop for several monthes? of course i used many ideas from its aa, it was the point, but i coded mine 100%, with more features too, so don't spread bs please
2) wtf? why don't you use ts from
3) heat wave on fr this week, i close the servers
4) i'll probably enable back vcts detection on srv #2 next week, it became a #1 bis what i didn't want

skar 23/07 23:50


[LzR]MaCCeSo 19/07 09:45

Hey Ranger,
Thx, and the same for you mate...see u in the jungle :)

Ranger 17/07 19:03

Hi guys, hope you have a great summer.

Congrats France on the Win!

Plissken 16/07 11:04
** :) but well played croatia, tough game

gianlu 15/07 18:58

congrats to the France team! very well done!

Ninjutsu 12/07 04:02

Croatia made a miracle ! congrats !

Plissken 11/07 09:00

Smiley remains a game we must stay focused Smiley

gianlu 10/07 22:00

vive la France!

Ninjutsu 09/07 03:56

seems like this map is pueblo , but how can this happen ?

gianlu 08/07 17:41

@ninju it actually was only because of your name :)

Sme 08/07 12:14

I last played the game about a year ago and there were still many players. I remember servers by Boggy with constant 10+ players. What happened? :/

Plissken 08/07 11:29

it's a beta version so i put the 1.65 stable version in the package on purpose
there is a link to download the 1.7BETA on "Play Vietcong" page if you didn't notice

Ninjutsu 08/07 10:19

I have lost all data of vietcong today . ( it was stored in USB memory ) . But thanks to , I can play it again . altough , the vietcong1.60_fistalpha_nocd_vcstarter1.65.1.rar on this website didnt include VCStarter v1.7 BETA , so , i could not use " fix tuextures in video memory " feature . thus it was unplayably laggy . i suggest you provide vietcong1.60_fistalpha_nocd_with vcstarter1.7BETA for Begginers or it will hinder beginner to star play vietcong results decrease of vietcong player . seriously .

Tuca 08/07 10:08

SERVER 02 = crashes when player joins

Plissken 04/07 19:24

nice scarface Smiley Smiley

Force|Scarface 04/07 13:11

tiger: I have uploaded my own collection here for you:

Wolf 03/07 22:59

Guys , we need nore Activity in our Teamspeek ion Vietcong.tkSmiley

=GONZO= 03/07 16:31

Ninja, WC in Belbium must be funny for 2-3...

Plissken 03/07 14:43

Smiley poor japan Smiley

tiger 03/07 06:55

how can I down load all the maps so I quit getting map not found?