Plissken 05/04 01:55

- since people play real coop with ts also on tk1 (which is nice), i merged tk2 tl commands and maps on tk1
- now tk3 is tk2, training/fun srv on small maps (stats not counted), any weapon allowed
- tk3/4 not linked with coop
tk5 special coop event can be opened

i released aacoop v10, i hope more stable (less threads), maybe new bugs to come

Plissken 31/03 16:27

gg zark first time potw Smiley

[LzR]Zark 31/03 16:18

Thank you for your congrats. Was a hard fight against Bradd. Wish all soldiers good luck in the new week and be healthy!

Plissken 31/03 02:58

i updated mappack with latest maps, 223 in total
1881 download of game archive

niico95 30/03 18:02

I banned hovnocuc the whole time hard teamkill ... but maybe he come back with another ip or name

[LzR]MaCCeSo 29/03 19:12

yes, Zark well trained by your coach Biorb. U made a brillant job. and Braddy, u also made a top job - what a fair gentleman, but zarky had the tip of the nose in front. Smiley goodjob!

braddock 29/03 16:42

congrats to zarky

Leo 29/03 16:21

What a tight fight, congrats Zark for potw Smiley

Plissken 29/03 14:51

@jr: ts is only mandatory on tk2, optional on tk1 but it's better to use it (but you won't be kicked without it)

Plissken 29/03 14:49

1. [HR]-Braddock - 824
2. [LzR]Zark - 821

JR 29/03 14:15

I've downloaded teamspeak, will try and join the server again

[LzR]MaCCeSo 29/03 12:13

zark 800 - brady 799....4 hours to go for player of the week. what a epic fight this week! from day to day and now the final sunday will bring light into the dark of that race. Congrats for your both. u got better and better. i really enjoyed it to follow u :D good luck to u for the home straight. some more percents for Zark [LzR]

[LzR]MaCCeSo 28/03 16:40

Hey welcome Ernesto, are u an new-old player? If yes, when did u play and did u play in a clan?
Mac :)

Martyr 27/03 19:43

Welcome Ernesto! :)

Ernesto 27/03 15:02


braddock 26/03 18:10

ha ha thats how it looks..lolSmiley

[LzR]MaCCeSo 26/03 16:14

Zark and brady head to head to potw... Good luck mates, it looks very close. Hold that to the end! Smiley

lenzozero 23/03 14:43

Bytheway my time is calculate on changing number in keyboard, I don't use wheel mouse

lenzozero 23/03 14:41

ok thank at Plissken and Zark. I understand!! :)

[LzR]Zark 23/03 13:58

@lenzo: you have 2 options:
- you can choose your mouse wheel (slowly)
- you can choose the numbers on keyboard (fast)

Plissken 23/03 13:39

@martyr: no map is autoput in bigteam depending on stats
@lenzo: you can speed change if you drop m16 before changing

lenzozero 23/03 12:15

Hello to all. Maybe it's my impression (every now and then I have a delayed view of the game, even 3/5 seconds), but it seems to me that some players have greater speed in changing weapons. From M16 to knife, for example, I need 2 or 3 seconds, instead I see that others change almost immediately. I repeat, maybe it's my impression. Is this so or is there a system to speed up actions? Thank you all!

Martyr 23/03 12:00

Pliss, is it possible to keep Minh_Storm for normal team but remove for big team?

Plissken 23/03 01:23

ok thx for feedback i'll delete it and add it back if/when martyr fix that

[LzR]Zark 23/03 00:11

Minh_Storm has 56 Bots. The map is always for "Big Team". When 10 people in and we switch to this map the server always crashed. Pls add the map to small team or remove them :(

Plissken 22/03 00:49

this ita clan seems very active

Plissken 21/03 22:46
83 players in 58 servers
Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley

Plissken 21/03 19:52

or maybe not, anyway now it'll be registered :)

Plissken 21/03 19:49

yes i even saw +90 but with many fake players to be on toplist, i count only real players Smiley

[LzR]MaCCeSo 21/03 19:41

we have seen 79 players last evening ;) maybe i did a screenshot

Plissken 21/03 03:16
64 players in 59 servers
in 2015 there were ~200 players on ~100 servers every night with gamespy
not so far :)

[LzR]Zark 21/03 00:11

Our server is rent too... we pay 6,70eur / month

Plissken 20/03 23:58

i didn't know it was still possible to rent vc servers
10 eur/month for 20 players
they are linked to qtracker

Martyr 20/03 22:04

24 players in a CTF right now! I love it :D

Plissken 20/03 14:57

yes because i did it at 1am when nobody plays, it's auto updated and started at 0

sonic 20/03 08:37

@Plissken: good work. But since you did it in late night/early morning, the stats are very sad at the moment (peak 8 players) Smiley

Plissken 20/03 01:18

done find record at bottom of serverlist with date

Plissken 20/03 01:12

@sonic: yea ill save record of global max players, probably beaten during covid crisis

Plissken 20/03 01:12

im still fighting aa crashes since migration and modify code for debug, so new bugs may appear, thx for feedback

Plissken 20/03 01:02


Plissken 20/03 00:52

ok checking

Sgt.Slaughter 20/03 00:45

Plissken a problem on tk1.Always says no enemy weapon.And kick..But we have m16

sonic 19/03 22:49

Nice, 56 players is awesome. This game is very alive. How are you doing guys?

IO VI AMMAZZO TUTTI2 19/03 14:34

I hope to come back often to play

IO VI AMMAZZO TUTTI2 19/03 14:34

Hi!!! Almost one year in BG now :))) I miss you all guys! Unfortunately I can't connect to play since I got a PC of FORTUNE ahaha.

Plissken 18/03 21:55

56 players and 52 servers, vc still alive :)

Plissken 18/03 15:10

germany many infected but few deathes, you guys can handle many severe patients, but i suppose you make more tests than we do in france, i think we are already far more than 10k

Plissken 18/03 15:08

but that's stupid to don't stop **football** (not soccer :p)

Plissken 18/03 15:07

wow really? i follow here:
they say only 100 infected in turkey

VCG_freddy 18/03 14:48

totally agree with you. but not with turkish league and trabzonspor^^ they fired john obi mikel for saying league have to stop :D. crazy that they still play soccer there^^