Plissken 30/11 18:39

and yes the pw on this page is the one autoset by aa

Plissken 30/11 18:38

ye cuz like it's said on the Password page LM linked "Commands to exclude a player (/mk and /ban) will set a temporary password to block rejoiners."

Jackson_PL 30/11 18:17

Yes, but it doeasn't work. In couple mins password gone from server :P

LM 30/11 14:37

You have a link for pass in right corner of the website :)

Jackson_PL 29/11 21:35

Hi, what's a password on server 2?

LM 27/11 11:35

Nope, Im using UnitySmiley
Unreal Engine is more for proffesionals :D

Scotty 27/11 01:34

Hay LM are you useing Unreal Engine 5.1 in your new game ?

LM 23/11 12:42

Np Scotty Smiley

Scotty 23/11 00:00

Shit Sorry Mate damit, i hate when i do that

Mr.Thunder 22/11 22:20

No problem LM Smiley

LM 21/11 21:53

Ah sry Mr.Thunder and Solar for that LM_NUIPEKUS i lost my int connection, there was only 2 vcs left :(((

braddock 19/11 18:58

yea bopet..i think only the actual COOP players will be there though from this site Smiley

MrBopet 19/11 06:33

anyone going to coop this weekend (19-20 NOV)

lenzozero 15/11 08:08

Hi LM.. all ok. I'm playing in this days. I work travel but at moment I will play for a while. I hope see you at server. Bye

the warrioR. 14/11 22:54

Thanks LM Smiley Smiley

LM 14/11 18:12

Hello Lenzozero.Im pretty good.How are you?Didnt see you for a long timeSmiley

Matt/Ger 14/11 18:03


lenzozero 14/11 17:55

Thank Plissetta.. I was 70 ping.

Plissken 14/11 17:54

ye vcguard ban u if bad connexion or ingame bug, it happens sry i remove it

lenzozero 14/11 17:25

Hi all, how are you? Today for no reason while I was playing I lost the server, I tried to enter and I read that I was banned from the server with Midi map. No admin was present and I don't understand what happened. Can anyone tell me something? Thank you

LM 14/11 01:51

Ouuu yeaaa the great comeback! Smiley GJ the warrioR!

Plissken 01/11 21:36

thx for info Smiley

*Torakiki* 01/11 20:45

Thx again M8 Smiley

*Torakiki* 01/11 16:50

Hey Pliss Thx for restarted server1 but now need restart for sever2 also Smiley

Plissken 01/11 14:25


KAD-11 01/11 14:16

Thanks LM and to All! This wouldn't have been possible without a supportive team!! Smiley

*Torakiki* 01/11 12:33

Smiley Serv1 need a restart please Smiley

Kan*geruh 01/11 11:34

Huhu Plissi,
TK 01 Server is down.
Please Restart....Big THX

LM 01/11 09:47

Congratz Kad--11 mate!Smiley

Scotty 31/10 02:52

holy Shite i post alot lol