Plissken 15/04 20:11

for me it's much faster

skycore 15/04 19:29

The downloadspeed for EN Version is like 30kbit/s. Is that normal?

Plissken 14/04 13:56


RazisBE 14/04 13:53

Some maps still don't work even if I import manually. Weird but nothing to do about it I guess.

Plissken 14/04 13:48

did you put the 2 files in maps folder

RazisBE 14/04 09:43

Still can't join a midiCTF game. Thats probably a different map?

Doc 13/04 20:50

Have a wonderful week, guys!

Fox 13/04 19:42

@Plissken, sad... Because there are 4 very interested players...

ziOcoNg 13/04 18:51

Forza PSG !!

Plissken 13/04 18:47

psg bayern Smiley

Plissken 13/04 18:47

guys ucl tonight, no fw or later, that's why no confirmed players Smiley

Infokrieg{GER} 13/04 18:40

I collected a lot of Maps over the years.

Plissken 13/04 17:46

hi, here

RazisBE 13/04 16:27

Guys I am in search of some maps? (Midi for example) Where do I get these?

LM 13/04 14:24

Wellcome razbisSmiley

RazisBE 13/04 11:52

Can i remove myself from waiting list on funwar? I did apply on accident

RazisBE 13/04 09:20

Hi when is this game still the most active?

sonic 12/04 21:52

When coop tournament is over, I will find some time for funwar. But I am not good in CTF (neither in COOP)

Matt/Ger 12/04 18:08


Plissken 12/04 16:10


Plissken 12/04 16:10

if you are confirmed, you normally should receive a mail

Plissken 12/04 16:07

about daily funwar, slots are limited, we use to play small fun maps, 3v3 max for 6 players or 2v2, sorry if i can't confirm all players

LM 12/04 13:32

Does someone know how i can run vietcong in windowded mode? I got some idea to make vietcong aviable to play split screen on pc but im not sure it will work,but need to try :D

[VIR]Big15_Marc 12/04 09:52


[VIR]Vladislav 12/04 09:51

hi pliss

LM 12/04 00:14

Really nice pliss!Smiley

Plissken 11/04 23:55

i added this page if players are interested to play CTF funwars with us Smiley

Joey 11/04 12:13


LM 07/04 13:18

Tnx Doc, u too!Smiley

Doc 07/04 08:11

Have a beautiful week everyone!