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[LzR]MaCCeSo 25/04 17:01

Tomorrow 2oclock pm... Further soldiers are invited :) Smiley

Plissken 25/04 16:33


#VCG_freddy 25/04 16:27

thx mac for this awesome game. its long time ago that I had such a great coop experience and that we needed over 90 mins for a map! we should do it more often ;)

[LzR]MaCCeSo 25/04 16:13

gj :)

Plissken 25/04 00:33

i re-enable the /tl cmd on 02
everyone with more than 50 missions can use it
a big team starts at 3 players instead of 6 on 01
only hard maps
using TS is strongly advised but not mandatory anymore

Plissken 25/04 00:03

ok afer a long talking with mac and gian, i reopen 2nd server for a few more weeks, without TS mandatory (what i did this week-end), we will see if more people join
and i recall you that the goal is not to have many players, but many players that want to play real coop...
and i wanted to be clear on a point: a donation is a donation, there is no need to make a donation and expect something in return, i already reward with commands and bonus points when most servers on other games don't do anything, and the voice of every player is important, donor or not

Plissken 24/04 23:08

i disabled ts mandatory this weekend and it didn't change

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:44

yeah, but we didnt test 2nd server without TS mandatory - that could also be an interesting test. some good players dont speak english - why the should install TS for nothing. i understand them! we can play nice team coop without TS - clearly - it sbetter with - and maybee some use---but mandatory didnt work. thats what the 24 days have shown. they dont have shown, that nobody is interested. we need more tests to find out the truth :D

Plissken 24/04 22:42

no need mic for talking in private

Plissken 24/04 22:41

mac can we talk on teamspeak please

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:41

i believe the players also appreciate your coding work and bonus system, time you spend and your good ideas!

Plissken 24/04 22:40

i remind you i coded /tl command on your demand and freddy, result > failure
i opened this 2nd server on standart demand (not a donor), result > failure
it appears clearly that people don't want to play that way on tk servers, you got to deal with it, i'm the first sad about it

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:39

idea searching:
is it possible to that time to deactivate team maps on server 01 - so lazy players have to go to 02 for team maps?

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:36

ah ok...let stest it...maybe that new information could be highlited on homepage?
NEXT Real Coop Session: 28th april :D

Plissken 24/04 22:35

i'll try to stay calm

Plissken 24/04 22:34

i can't believe this shit

Plissken 24/04 22:34

hum, a donation is a donation
i already reward a lot with more commands and bonus points
i've just spent my fucking last days on coding website and stats
don't start on this it could go wrong

Plissken 24/04 22:31

well i kept it open for weeks already, result: 6 missions completed in 24 days
new plan, open the 2nd server ocasionally for motivated players, but we need to decide on a date to gather, like every saturday night for example
else you have same maps, same gamestyle on 01

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:27

i just want to say that they were happy about it - no pressure meaning!

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:26

i believe some of the last donations are related with your 2nd coop server - biorb, freddy for sure, alien asked for it

[LzR]MaCCeSo 24/04 22:21

hey, didnt u say, u will test 2nd coop server for some weeks? whats your new plan?

Plissken 24/04 21:11

Now a password is autoset at the end of mission for last bots or when 60% of the team is dead.
It permits to keep the players alone until the mission success or failure.
It's autodisabled when the mission is finished, at next restart or map switch.
So you don't need to know the password, you just have to wait a few minutes to join the server.
You can see here "you can join" or "you can't join" to know when it's possible to enter. Refresh the page and serverlist.

Plissken 23/04 01:57

"a relax and a more real coop server then relax"
yep mac, but for now the only difference would be the maplist with only hard maps, and i don't think it's enough, i'm thinking about it, but the real problem is lack of motivated players, like i'm saying since the beginning when standart asked for it

[LzR]MaCCeSo 22/04 12:45

referring to the past: years ago we have had more players available to find for real coop, wasnt it? for many players you need other rules to organize coop session. nowadays we have to be happy about a small numbe rof players at the same time and so a mandatory of TS is a test, but maybe we need a relaxter solution --> so we have to adapt to actual situation of a small number of players, to implement a relax and a more real coop server then relex...i believe there is a good gaming possible, also if just 3 players for example use TS and rest type there information ?Smiley

Kaplar Aleksa 21/04 21:41

Ty sir, i understand all ! Good idea.

Plissken 21/04 21:35

hi kap, password on 01 is enabled at end of mission for last bots or when >=60% of the team is dead, to keep the players alone until the mission success or failure
it's autodisabled at next restart or map switch
you can see here "you can join" or "you can't join" to know when you can enter the srv
it's a new feature i've added today for testing

Kaplar Aleksa 21/04 21:31

Plissken i cant see password on site. Smiley

Plissken 21/04 19:55

yep :D
but after a few weeks of testing 02, we can see the real coop strict rules are maybe too strict, dunno :/
i liked our old coop sessions years ago, i guess it's not possible to repeat the past

gianlu 21/04 19:51

yeah Pliss, of course I understand there's no point in being in a real stuff environment and can not interact with it... :D

Plissken 21/04 19:44

i have no way to force a player to select the spectator slot, and making the distinction between a normal death and a 60% rule death sucks

Plissken 21/04 19:41

@konfu: i think the average waiting time will be only a few min, then you can join and stay on the srv
it permits to have better stats, with guys that joined before the end and that didn't die cuz of 60% rule

Plissken 21/04 19:38

that's the idea now, rules can change

Plissken 21/04 19:37

if you use TS only to be able to join 02 but don't talk, it's pointless m8
real coop, you must be able to speak with teammates

gianlu 21/04 19:35

yeah I have read about the 2nd server here. the point is that I might also join and install TS but I couldn't speak while playing...but maybe I could still write I have to install TS on my PC and then join the server here?

Plissken 21/04 19:34

hum gian nop the conditions are same on website and on aacoop so it shouldn't, else it's a bug... or wait a few seconds ^^

Plissken 21/04 19:34

@konfu: i implemented it a few hours ago, just testing nothing permanent but maybe who knows

gianlu 21/04 19:33

hey Pliss...but now I see "you can join" here, even the server is protected by password...

Plissken 21/04 19:33

about 02, it's an experimental server, so far we can see only a few guys are interested, maybe i'll close it or change the rules, it's supposed to be a "real" coop srv

Konfu/Preacher 21/04 19:31

It was fine at least to watch others play when ur dead rather then not being able to join at all (new password rule) Now i have to sit here and just wait,so password rule sucks ! Smiley

Plissken 21/04 19:31

yo gian, like i said, i'm testing a new feature, password protection when >60% of the team is dead or when it remains only a few vc to kill (end of mission), you can see on the website "you can't join" and must wait

gianlu 21/04 19:30

I've been thinking that I may use the 2nd server without "talking"...but I would have some questions about TS....should I install it on my PC? then should I connect to it via the link I find here? ....

gianlu 21/04 19:27

but now I see also the server 01 is protected by password again, and I don't see any pw here on the website...couls someone help me out? sorry about that...

gianlu 21/04 19:24

guys...I'd really like to join you on the 02 server but I can't really teamspeak during the evening/nights when I'm here in Germany...that's why I never joined...I'm very sorry for that....but I will support you (and Pliss) anyway in this adventure :))

Plissken 21/04 17:06

@mac: "dont understand english so well" > so 02 is not done for them, the big difference with 01 is realism, immersion so the communication is key

Plissken 21/04 17:04

ok i implemented the protection feature in case of 60% rule and end of mission

Plissken 21/04 16:02

Thank you for donation!

[LzR]MaCCeSo 21/04 11:32

i asked dave and maybe some other players with the same thougts..dont understand english language so well... maybe the password for 02 just shown for some specific players? who wants to use TS, can use it, who not, hasnt to use it, but play coop in team as well very nice?

Plissken 21/04 05:37

password is not secret it's "tsreal", you can find it on Teamspeak
I put one as a first filter, else everyone is joining and without Teamspeak you get kicked instantly

Plissken 21/04 05:25

it's supposed to be a teamspeak mandatory server
password is visible on teamspeak 21/04 04:52

Thx, but i dont know the password for TK02 :-(