[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 20/08 18:34

Danke kangeruh ab Donnerstag geht es weiter mit vietcong

Kan*geruh 20/08 18:18

Habby Birthday Alsi

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 20/08 18:08

@pliss: merci @tuca:teşekür ederim

Thank u, Come Again! 20/08 17:20

@ Alsen69: Dogum günüm kutlu olsun

Plissken 20/08 12:55

happy birthday Smiley

[T.H.C]Alsenplatz69 20/08 08:29

Important message ladies today is my birthday

Andi Front 19/08 23:49

And i remember The Book, its been a long time. When i look back, this were really great times.
Unfortunately, the game is lagging like hell nowadays, i cant play it unfortunately

Thank u, Come Again! 17/08 18:49

Smiley 'the book' remembers Andi Front as M60-meister Smiley

Andi Front 17/08 15:21

Hey guys, anyone from the old 6ers here?

ALIEN.cz 14/08 22:36

SNIPERCITY actuell bug, admin can not change the map Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 14/08 20:40

SERVER 1 is having ISSUES

Joinbug (map: Orangecity)

Thank u, Come Again! 14/08 18:44

The oracle predicts: 3 bots shall die !

Plissken 14/08 12:20

- idle/restart bug fixed
- master list db bug fixed
- new map pack with all maps
- website hardened (no more xss)
- fastshot/massobject anticheat disabled
- new settings: 4 tk for 1 hour ban

Plissken 14/08 10:34

great Smiley

ALIEN.cz 14/08 01:46

Thx Pliss, Helms Deep cleaned now without problems or bug Smiley

Plissken 13/08 10:51

@banned guys,
tk: just wait 2 hours
vcguard: i'll try to edit settings to lower sensibility

Plissken 13/08 10:16

thx for report, i added an iteration and it should be fixed

ALIEN.cz 13/08 00:27

"All players left, restarting" - what a fucking bug, after 38 kills in Sabayon Village V2, and yesterday in Helms Deep too. Smiley

**S** Commander 12/08 04:30

Something strange is happening inside the vietcong
Last night hahahaha https://imgbbb.com/image/p5Ljc

Kan*geruh 11/08 16:03

"Optimus Prime"
why do you vote me out during a game and then you come back in and vote others ???
Is not it fast enough?

Varg 11/08 02:01

I was autobanned from the server 1 for the number of murders of teammates, me and Ritorth were jocking in Helm s Deep map due to a bug that ruined our game. Can I be unbanned?

Traver 10/08 16:02

I can't get a medal for this {fastest shooter}Smiley

Traver 10/08 16:00

I know the reason cheat # 5 Fast shotsSmileySmileySmiley

Traver 10/08 15:55

I have been banned on server 1
no idea why can anyone reset this

ALIEN.cz 10/08 03:30

Source of THC for my Brain, necessary companion during Game :-)

ALIEN.cz 08/08 00:44

Thank you brother Pliss

Plissken 07/08 23:38

i just did :)
great shots alien Smiley

Mr.Beam 07/08 20:54

Ok sorry, how do i delete the sceenshot? Smiley

Plissken 07/08 20:50

sry guys vcguard false positives Smiley

Plissken 07/08 20:50

same for mr.beam and his screenshot xD

Mr.Beam 07/08 20:49

hi Plissken, Please unbanned me please.. i send screenshot.. Thanks

Plissken 07/08 20:49

lol people use screenshots section to share images of their issues D: please no
@hochi: pouf unbanned Smiley

**S** Commander 07/08 19:49

I send one of last night with Victor Myson and AlienCZ

Thank u, Come Again! 07/08 19:11

S: you got to be logged in.
When logged in, go to SCREENSHOTS ... the rest explains itself
good luck

**S** Commander 07/08 19:01

How can i send screenshots?

HoChiMihn 07/08 17:56

HI pliss, I just got banned in GroundZero map, just killed 2 vc and pouff! banned. Please let me join again the server, thanks.

Plissken 05/08 10:22

yo autoban is temporary you already unbanned Smiley

Kan*geruh 05/08 05:59

@Luda is Nadersucker SmileySmileySmiley

Luda 05/08 04:04

hi plissken can u please unban me i was stupid to teamkill at helmsdeep there were no players and i killed the us people lol
greetings luda

Fox 31/07 19:44

Ok, thanks Plossken!

Plissken 31/07 19:38

nope server had crashed Smiley

Fox 31/07 19:06

Hi. Is it only me getting connection time out, when trying to join tk01 ?

Plissken 31/07 12:17

please don't send messages through screenshots section
@tuca: i moved yours here

Thank u, Come Again! 29/07 19:40

thanks buddies !

Plissken 29/07 00:22

to upload a screenshot, go to screenshots, select with top form and upload
single trick: be logged

Kaplar Aleksa 28/07 20:26

Try to login with your user name and go to tag Screenshots, than you must see option "Choose File" and "Send" button.
Whery simple my m8 ! Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 28/07 18:00

how to upload a screenshot here?Smiley

Plissken 28/07 12:12

13 years and reunited :D Smiley

Ich will 28/07 05:57

We need to kill some gooks soon scotty! thats wild, been a lifetime my dude.