Plissken 25/01 16:00

debug off

Plissken 25/01 13:54

no it's not, after recent migration i was linked to tk ms for my servers, and i was not visible on qtracker (normal) but also not on serverlist, so not synchro on his side
now i moved back to qt for my servers like i recommanded for hosts on my diagram

sonic 25/01 13:26

Ok thanks for answer :) (I will ask Ondra if his ms is synced or not, but I thought it is).

Plissken 25/01 13:17

but in theory both should be synchronized and contain tk+eu+qt yes

Plissken 25/01 13:14

tk shows tk+qt+eu now but eu still only gets qt i noticed
so suggestions are still valid

sonic 25/01 13:07

Plissken: is your diagram ( still valid? I.e. TK serverlist shows only TK+QT and EU serverlist shows only EU+QT serverlists? I thought they are synchronized, so both serverlists should contain TK+EU+QT...or not?

Thank u, Come Again! 25/01 11:00

where's teh coffee?

Thank u, Come Again! 25/01 11:00

Smiley (damn, wrong emoticon in prev mssg) SmileySmileySmiley

Thank u, Come Again! 25/01 10:59

Smiley A cop of coffee for our very busy Debugger.

Plissken 24/01 15:18


Plissken 24/01 04:32

big rework of code for aacoop 9, maybe bugs, beta testing on tk1

Plissken 23/01 03:06

Thanks FoX for donation :)

Leo 21/01 20:51

NP Pliss, I didn't even know I smelled there Smiley

Plissken 21/01 20:19

no need to test all x)

Plissken 21/01 20:18

damned again autoadmin crashed, we have a real bug here, on it
for info: if one command doesn't work, it means aacoop (autoadmin) crashed, and in this case not a single command will work

Plissken 21/01 19:57

ok full now sry Luda xD

Plissken 21/01 19:56

second waiter is ---==miiisho69==--- a downloader i think

Plissken 21/01 19:53

done (sry Leos) :)

Plissken 21/01 19:52

actually i can kick the waiter (Leos) if you need a slot :p priority for non afk people

Luda 21/01 19:50

ok thx Plissken still i cant join :P ill have to wait i guess

Plissken 21/01 19:44

cllist > playerip on the empty name [] playerid in console

Plissken 21/01 19:43

i see now 9/10 with one guy, Leos Vozihnoj (i checked the ip), waiting at class selection

Plissken 21/01 19:40

downloaders, you can see them with cllist cmd, or people waiting at class selection

Luda 21/01 19:38

game shows 10/10 players so full but there are only 5 players in game ( no downloaders ) what is wrong ?

Leo 21/01 19:08

I have no experience with streaming banger :(

VCG_freddy 21/01 18:12

what about streaming @leo? :)

Leo 21/01 16:35

Thanks Pliss, 2 new just uploaded Smiley

***Cuta* 21/01 13:41


Plissken 21/01 01:33

nice screenshots leo :)

Fox 20/01 23:42

Thanks. Had a lot of help. Was a team effort!

Plissken 20/01 21:33

gj fox for potw

Kaplar Aleksa 20/01 16:16

Do you can unban Cuta, he told me to ask you Plissken. TY !

Ghidorah 19/01 20:19

Sorry for 2x TK in last map guys, I was eating and not paying attention to the game...

**S** Commander 19/01 07:00


**S** Commander 19/01 07:00

Plissken you say... " i7 20x more powerful than previous cpu"... VC Bots more smart? Today we are shoting when 3 vc coming for us, on one map where the vcs neves do that... hahaha

Dr. Robotzky 18/01 19:04

Dr. Robotzky 18/01 19:03

if 01 don't show up on serverlist, you can use Direct Connect, and use IP:PORT#Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 18/01 17:22

ye, our messages crossed each other

Plissken 18/01 16:15

btw, like i explained, migration means using a new physical server (a new machine) with a more powerful cpu, a i7 20x more powerful than previous cpu, i hope it will work correctly
the system is also new w10 (i was still on win7), this is why many bugs

Plissken 18/01 16:07

(i tested it also) but i guess u didn't see my previous msg, all good now at least for this issue x)

Plissken 18/01 16:07

nono it was clearly a bug with tslist.php checker linked with php version update, thx for feedback it helps Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 18/01 16:05

Thx. I tried again: now it works. Not sure if you did something, Pliss, or that it was just a 1-time-thing.

Repeat: It works again (tk2 - teamspeak) Smiley

Plissken 18/01 16:04

should be good, trouble with newer php version

Plissken 18/01 15:53

probably one of dozens of migration related bugs I check it out

Thank u, Come Again! 18/01 15:50

TK2 kicks me out; "not on teamspeak"
I was on TS.

Plissken 18/01 14:41

you can try now

[LzR]MaCCeSo 18/01 08:58

That looks like a server night session work. Thanks comrad and chief Pliss SmileySmiley

Plissken 18/01 05:20

ok vcspy (serverlist) fixed gn