Romu0 25/05 04:09

How to install Red Dawn add on for this game? Many Thanks!

Plissken 24/05 15:56


Martyr 24/05 15:46

@Pliss, was temporary - seems to be ok now :)

Martyr 24/05 14:47

@Vic, just read back through and not the same - I will email you.
@Scotty, hey man! :D

Victor Myson. 24/05 12:52

@Martyr, I had same problem weeks back; I had emailed you the final possible resolutions for the fix in my case. Do you have email history?

Scotty 24/05 07:23

hi marty awsome to see you m8

Plissken 24/05 00:19

No idea mate, I know join bug and I coded aa to autokick as "class selection time", but game crash, weird stuff

Martyr 23/05 16:03

Hey Pliss, I keep getting game crash when I try to join tk servers 1 and 2. Happens on class selection or weapon selection. Maybe your logs may show a clue why?

Plissken 22/05 22:22

roger that TRAVX (all caps)

TRAVX 22/05 22:10

We play AMBUSH and map ended (out of time) we had 5 team members alive BUG?

Plissken 22/05 21:39

for vpn cheaters, use /mk command, it will set a "temporary password" and he won't be able to rejoin the current mission

/mk name/id: mission kick a player, can be used by donors and players with at least 200 missions done

Thank u, Come Again! 22/05 21:29

HEAD'S UP to all brothers playing tonight: Cheater active ! (last data: Aladin UK)

Kan*geruh 22/05 18:27

Huhu Plissi,cannot ban vchook cheater *aLadin*
Hes take other Names and from UK,i think VPN

Scotty 22/05 18:19


Plissken 21/05 14:51

heeey master Scotty Smiley

Scotty 21/05 14:12


Scotty 21/05 14:11

Woohoo it worls thx pliss

Plissken 19/05 16:47

like Mr. Clean

Plissken 19/05 16:45

lol my last shout sounded like advertising for /mk cmd xD

Plissken 19/05 16:11

probably vpn user, but with new "temporary password" mk feature, you can get rid of him, at least for current mission

/mk name/id: mission kick a player, can be used by donors and players with at least 200 missions done

i'll also enable back fastshot detection

Thank u, Come Again! 19/05 15:48

@Travx: was this BAMBO from ROMANIA?
A couple of days ago he was MG on a speedhack. I kicked him.

Plissken 19/05 13:38

use /mk command for this anyone can use it

TRAVX 19/05 09:26

I send these 2 missions BAMBO cheater he come in M60 no aim and no reload and wipe maps clean brag he master hacker of game I REPORT sir!

TRAVX 19/05 09:25

1) PERFECT 19/05/20 05:23 - 1 min - (WF)TrenchWar: +BAMBO+(51) TRAVX(0) Scotty
1) PERFECT 19/05/20 05:20 - 22 min - GW_DUSTCITY: +BAMBO+(27) Scotty(16) TRAVX(11)

Plissken 18/05 22:03

Chavez is talking like Eugene in The walking dead tv serie, very fun :D

Martyr 18/05 22:01

Cool. I bumped into Chavez last week also. Really nice to see more and more nice guys back from the past :)
I wouldn't say my mapping is "great" at all but thanks lol

Plissken 18/05 22:00

you can get in touch if you want to share knowledge or some hints

Plissken 18/05 21:59

btw Marty i've been playing and talking with Travx and Chavez old VET clan players, great mappers and scripters back in time (marty is great mapper also)

Martyr 18/05 21:58

The ranking system is much better now than it ever was before IMO. Great work dude.

Plissken 18/05 21:57

what's new like i said is counting only yellow and red maps for potw, and 1 symbolic skill point for green maps

Plissken 18/05 21:54

lol guys i never displayed kills for potw and i've been using this skill system for years on global ranking :D
algo can be changing with time and new factors but it has never been kills only for potw

Martyr 18/05 21:48

@Pliss, So I guess you are now displaying "skills' not "kills"? Sounds much better to me than before. Great job! Smiley

Dr. Robotzky 18/05 20:25

Thx Smiley

Plissken 18/05 20:21

well all i can say is: ranking doesn't depend on number of kills, it's just one factor among many others like finishing a mission alive, being medic, the map and many others

with all these factors, i have a custom algo that gives a number of skill points, this is the number i display for potw

but there is something new i explained here a few weeks ago: now "green" maps, considered as easy, will give only 1 skill point (for potw ranking only), even if you finish it alone with 50 kills and being engineer with perfect and all
only yellow and red maps can give potw skill points now

so in short: number you see in potw ranking isn't only kills (would be so simple, not fun, and encourage ramboing) but skill points involving many factors Smiley

Dr. Robotzky 18/05 19:49

Hi Plissken
Can you please clarify how the POTW system works now.

Dax got total kills of 90 sun and monday, but is registered with 5 kills in POTW.

I got 4 kills over last two days but am registered with 25 kills.

Some system error or new POTW rules?

Regards Dr. R

Plissken 18/05 05:06

respawn bug: ok investigation done, again big THX to Travx for feedback, steps to reproduce and concerned map, normally it shouldn't happen again

TRAVX 17/05 22:52


TRAVX 17/05 22:50

MY BAD PLISSKEN soldiers taking advantage of HamburgerHill weapon cheat and respawning: suggest remove Hamgurger Hill map.

Plissken 17/05 22:18


Luda 17/05 20:57

Congratz TRAVX

Kaplar Aleksa 17/05 20:41

Congratulation TRAVX for POTW ! Smiley

Thank u, Come Again! 16/05 22:00

Maiden's blood on HD_TheVillage_v4.

Impossible without POTW Axel !

Pekny Pekny Pekny !Smiley

Plissken 16/05 01:35

thank you for making these awesome maps in the past :D

Plissken 16/05 01:35

np bro

TRAVX 16/05 01:08

Thanks Plissken for uploading DAUTIEN ! !

Plissken 13/05 00:17


Kaplar Aleksa 13/05 00:17

Good job Plissken !

Plissken 11/05 19:33

@kap: why not
@broken exe: it works fine for me, probably your antivir, i'll update map pack soon with cbf/dat