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Simple procedure to get the game:

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Why donate?

Hosting servers means a lot of costs (dedicated computer, connexion, maintenance...).
Donate permits to keep servers/website alive.

How to make a donation?

Click on this button.


To thank the players that helped us, they can use more commands:

/restart - restart the map
/switch [id/keyword] - switch the map
/rnm - set a random next map
/snm [id/keyword] - set the next map
/say [text] - talk to all players (living and dead)
/ec - control the enemy camera
/light [red/white] - enable a light on the map

/mb [id/keyword] - give a mission ban

Bonus points

A donation will give bonus points for each mission played. More you donate, better you are ranked.

Donors - Thank you

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